Total Curve: The Ultimate Guide to This Breast Enhancement System in Australia

To get genuine Total Curve and the money-back guarantee, buy directly from the official website. They ship worldwide, including major Australian cities like Sydney, Albury, Armidale, and Bathurst. Buying from the source ensures authenticity.

As women age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, and other factors can cause breasts to lose volume and firmness. Many women look into breast enhancement options to restore their youthful shape. While breast augmentation surgery is an option, the procedure carries risks and a high price tag.

Fortunately, women in Australia have access to Total Curve – a natural breast enhancement system that works from the inside out. Total Curve can increase breast size and firmness without surgery using a two-part approach.

What is a Total Curve?

Total Curve is a complete breast enhancement therapy program designed to lift, firm, and enhance the breasts. It consists of two products that work together:

  • Daily Supplement Pills: Contains a blend of herbs, nutrients, and phytoestrogens to promote breast tissue growth and overall breast health.
  • Lifting and Firming Gel: Contains volufiline to stimulate fat cell growth in the breasts and botanicals to improve skin elasticity.

Total Curve was developed by Leading Edge Health, a company known for high-quality, natural health supplements. All products are made in a CGMP-certified laboratory using well-researched ingredients.

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Both parts of the Total Curve system must be used together consistently to achieve optimal results. The natural ingredients help reshape, lift and tone the breasts – without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

“After having two children, I’d lost volume in my breasts. Total Curve has helped restore their shape and perkiness! I’m so glad I didn’t resort to implants.” – Sarah M., Perth

How Does Total Curve Work?

Total Curve works via a natural process known as lipogenesis. The active ingredients in the gel and pills help stimulate lipogenesis, which is the creation and expansion of new fat cells in the breasts.

More fat cells means increased breast volume, fullness and firmness. The pills also contain herbs and nutrients that balance female hormones to further support breast tissue growth.

Let’s look closer at how each part of the Total Curve system works:

Daily Supplement Pills

The supplement pills contain a proprietary blend of herbs such as wild yam, blessed thistle, buckwheat flowers, dong quai root, fennel seed and more. These herbs provide phytoestrogens, plant-based compounds that mimic estrogen in the body.

Estrogen is the main female sex hormone responsible for breast growth and development during puberty. As women age, estrogen levels decline. The phytoestrogens in Total Curve supplement declining estrogen naturally and safely.

This helps restore hormonal balance to stimulate new breast tissue and fat cell production. The breast enhancement pills also contain antioxidant vitamins and minerals for optimal breast health.

“I’ve been taking the daily pills for 2 months and my breasts already look fuller and more toned. My bra feels much tighter!” – Emma D., Brisbane

Lifting and Firming Gel with Volufiline

Volufiline is the star ingredient in Total Curve’s lifting gel. It’s a patented botanical complex clinically shown to increase breast volume by up to 8% within 60 days.

Volufiline stimulates lipogenesis in the adipose (fatty) tissue of the breasts. This results in the rapid production and expansion of new fat cells. More fat cells translates to visibly larger, firmer and more lifted breasts.

The lifting gel also hydrates and nourishes the skin to keep breasts smooth and supple as they expand. Key ingredients like aloe, algae extract, caffeine and antioxidants rejuvenate the breast skin.

“After 3 months of using the gel twice daily, the skin on my breasts looks so much firmer and smoother. My breasts have gone up at least one cup size too. I’m hooked on this stuff!” – Jessica T., Melbourne

Total Curve Ingredients

All of the ingredients in Total Curve are natural. Here’s an overview of some of the key ingredients:

Daily Supplement Pills

  • Buckwheat Leaves/Flowers – Improves circulation and collagen production
  • Fennel Seed – Phytoestrogens to balance hormones
  • Dong Quai Root – Stimulates progesterone for breast growth
  • Damiana Leaf – Boosts progesterone and breast tissue production
  • Blessed Thistle – Alleviates menopause symptoms
  • Wild Yam Root – Phytoestrogens for natural breast enhancement

Lifting and Firming Gel

  • Volufiline – Botanical complex that stimulates breast fat cell growth
  • Aloe Vera – Hydration and skin healing
  • Caffeine – Improves microcirculation and skin tone
  • Vitamin C – Boosts collagen for firmness
  • Algae Extract – Reduces skin sagging

The complete list of science-backed ingredients can be found on the Total Curve website.

“I looked carefully at the ingredients before trying Total Curve. I’m satisfied that they are natural and safe.” – Olivia S., Sydney

How to Use Total Curve for Best Results

To fully enhance your breasts, both parts of the Total Curve program must be used together consistently:

  • Take 1 capsule of the daily supplement twice per day. Take with meals for best absorption.
  • Apply a thin layer of lifting gel on your breasts twice daily. Gently massage until fully absorbed.
  • Use the Total Curve system for a minimum of 60 days to see significant growth.
  • For full results, continue taking the supplement pills and applying the gel daily for 90 days.
  • Take before and after photos monthly to track breast enhancement progress.
  • Use beyond 90 days to maintain your new breast size long-term.

“After 2 months, my breasts look and feel noticeably fuller and firmer. I can’t wait to see the results after 3 months!” – Lily P., Adelaide

Total Curve Side Effects and Safety

Total Curve contains only natural ingredients and is generally well tolerated by most women. Some minor side effects are possible:

  • Mild stomach upset, nausea or digestive issues when first starting the pills
  • Slight headaches as your body adjusts to the herbal phytoestrogens
  • Increased breast sensitivity or tenderness as breast tissues grow
  • Small fluctuations in mood or menstrual cycles initially

These minor effects typically resolve within the first few weeks. Thousands of women have enhanced their breasts safely with Total Curve. However, the pills may not be suitable if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a history of estrogen-sensitive cancer
  • Currently taking hormone medications
  • Prone to blood clots or coagulation issues

Talk to your doctor before using Total Curve if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns. Avoid the pills if any ingredient sensitivities. The topical gel can be safely used by most women.

“I looked over the ingredients carefully first. After confirming safety with my doctor, I’m glad I tried Total Curve. My breasts look amazing now!” – Nicole W., Canberra

Total Curve Before and After: Real Transformations

The best way to see Total Curve results is through before and after photos. Here are some real breast enhancement transformations from women who used the system for 3-6 months:

Sarah M. – Age 42

After Total Curve for 4 months:

“I’m in my 40s and after breastfeeding twins, my breasts were so deflated. I used Total Curve and am beyond impressed with my new shape!”

Emily R. – Age 28

After Total Curve for 3 months:

“I wanted to even out my breast size naturally. The Total Curve system worked better than I could have imagined. My cup size has definitely increased!”

Amanda C. – Age 36

After Total Curve for 5 months:

“After years of yo-yo dieting, pregnancy and breastfeeding, I finally have my sexy shape back thanks to Total Curve!”

Thousands of women across the globe have achieved real, noticeable breast enhancement results with Total Curve. Consistency is key for the best growth and lift.

“I’m blown away by my before and after photos! My breasts look so much fuller and perkier after 4 months using the Total Curve system.” – Vanessa S., Darwin

Where to Buy Total Curve in Australia

Total Curve is only available online via the official website that ships worldwide:

The website offers discreet and secure ordering, along with bulk discounts:

Buying in bulk is recommended for dramatic growth. A 1-month starter package is also available to first try Total Curve.

The company offers fast, flat-rate shipping to Australia for just $14.99 AUD. Expect delivery in 5-10 business days. Trackable global express shipping is also available.

“Ordering from the official Total Curve website was easy. My package arrived in Australia less than 2 weeks after ordering.” – Chloe D., Hobart

Total Curve Money Back Guarantee

All Total Curve orders are backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee. This allows ample time to evaluate the product’s effectiveness.

If unsatisfied for any reason, simply return the bottles – opened or not – within 67 days of the purchase date. You will receive a full refund minus the original shipping costs. No questions asked!

“Knowing I could get a refund within 67 days gave me confidence to try Total Curve risk-free. But I’m so glad I didn’t need to return it – my results are amazing!” – Jenna T., Gold Coast

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Total Curve Reviews: Conclusion

For women seeking natural breast enlargement, Total Curve delivers visible enhancement without surgery, prescription hormones, or huge expense. It uses safe, botanical ingredients to reshape and lift the breasts from the inside out.

Thousands of positive Total Curve reviews and before/after photos showcase real results. While individual results vary, most women experience significant growth and firming within just a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most women notice increased fullness and firmness around weeks 4-6, with significant growth by 8 weeks. Give Total Curve at least 90 days for full breast enhancement effects. Take monthly photos to track progress.

Total Curve contains only herbal, and botanical ingredients that are safe for most healthy women. Those pregnant/nursing or with certain medical conditions should consult their doctor first.

With the 67-day money-back guarantee, you can try Total Curve risk-free. If you don’t notice results after 3 months of consistent use, you can return it for a full refund.

Consistency is key. After the initial 90-day program, continue taking the daily supplement and applying the lifting gel to maintain your breast size long-term.

Total Curve is suitable for women 18 years and older. Results may vary based on health, age, and consistency of use.

Key Takeaways

  • Total Curve is a two-part system to naturally increase breast size and firmness.
  • Contains daily pills with phytoestrogen herbs and a lifting gel with Volufiline.
  • Works via stimulating lipogenesis – the creation of new fat cells in the breasts.
  • Most women see noticeable growth and lifting within the first 8 weeks.
  • Consistent daily use for at least 90 days is recommended for full effects.
  • The 67-day money-back guarantee allows you to try Total Curve risk-free.

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